Strüktek Canada

Branding, Web Development

Strüktek Technology revolutionizes the way we build commercial and residential properties, becoming the new standard in construction. Strüktek SIP construction panels dont require any additional support from a frame or skeleton.

Print Media

Branding, Web Development

Stationary is as tangible as...well, real estate. Dealing with contractors, builders, and developers, Strüktek's print media has to convey professionalism. In a world where paper contracts and invoices are common, its important to be sharp.

Web Development

Design, Web Development

Although Strüktek factories are across Canada, the company's vision is to be able to provide efficient and sustainable homes worldwide. To achieve global recognition, our web design needs to be presented in a manner that reaches beyond the national borders.

Globally Recognized Design

Web Design, Development

Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially in construction and building development. We started with making sure that the landing pages were visibly strong showcasing the building renders in nature, and various intriguing backgrounds

Company Impact

KPIs, Targets

Let's talk results. What can a new & refreshed image do for a company? We saw a significant increase in the major KPI's set out by Strüktek. That means more business, more revenue and more success. We'll dive deeper into the changes we saw after the new launch.


Leads Generated

Each lead could be immense and ongoing subscription of contracts and purchase orders. This was the main goal of Strüktek marketing.


Impressions Generated

As a new, revolutionary product, there was some education required for consumers. Impressions directly helps us build awarness and we saw a significant jump.


Conversion Rate

Getting people to the page is one thing, but having them take action is the most important part. We say a significant increase in conversion rate compare to the old static landing page.


Revenue Generated

The bottom line. Strüktek founders were technically sound but never imagined what could be possible with strong marketing. They were floored by the results.

Christian Waché

Branding, Web Development

"I've been in construction and development for 3 decades and have always taken care of my marketing needs myself. What (Postcard) has done for me, id never thought was even possible for me. I can thank you enough for helping capture my vision."

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