Résidence Rue Marquette

With a combined 70+ years of experience and advisors in 5 different continents, Third Eye Capital Management is geared to bring returns to its investors through safe asset-backed lending.


Stationary, Print Design

Our exclusive design process ensures that your project will be streamlined from start to finish and that your investment will be enriched by our masterful services.

Company Impact

Brand Development

Let's talk results. What can a new & refreshed image do for a company? We saw a significant increase in the major KPI's set out by the Third Eye. That means more business, more revenue and more success. We'll dive deeper into the changes we saw after the new launch.


Qualified Leads Generated

The minimum investment in Third Eye is 500k+, so finding high-profile leads are much taller task. We were able to provide pitches to 22 prospective investors.


Board Satisfaction

The redesign and new face of Third Eye recieved a unanimous 100% vote of approval from the board of directors and advisors.


Impressions Generated

Tasked to reimagine the Atlas brand, we evaluated the vision, values and audience to make sure the feel is perfect. Here, you can see the large circular logo which builds.


Investment Raised

Out of those that were presented with the third eye products and proposals, we saw a commitment of $2.5 million into the fund. Third Eye is excited for the growth in this next chapter

Résidence Rue Marquette

Brand Development

"The team at Postcard really captured the essence of Third Eye. Even when organizing new headshots for the team, I could tell they really put heart into our company and wanted to deliver the best. I'd highly recommend."

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